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While most authors use MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS as a springboard from which to pursue their material, there are essentially two categories of books you'll find:

Note: These titles are just the start of this page. Each one will be linked to a review, as well as publishing info and current availability. This is by no means the complete list; the completion of an area of the library will be announced both here AND on this site's feedback page. Thanks for your continued patience.

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Okay. Say you've read Errol Flynn's autobiography MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS. You say to yourself, "What a heck of a life! Look at all the stuff this guy did!" You'd be only part right.

You see, of all the things Errol Flynn was, each of his biographers will confirm: he was a compulsive liar. If something sounded good, he'd say it or take credit for it. Often, he would lie just to gauge a person's reaction. It is theorised that later in life, his memory was so badly affected by continued substance abuse that he might have actually believed some of his own tall tales, often confusing names with those characters which appear in his 1946 novel SHOWDOWN. It's also very likely that he didn't expect anyone to go through the trouble to trace his pre-Hollywood life.

This category is of course where you'll find the best selection of material. Having learned from contact with friends and acquaintances that not everything had occured as documented in the autobiography, most of these writers went as close to the source as possible for their material. They wanted to find the truth behind Errol Flynn's "wicked, wicked ways", and appear to have come mighty close:

Errol Flynn: A Memoir
Earl Conrad · First Published 1979

The Young Errol Flynn Before Hollywood
John Hammond Moore · First Pub 1975

Errol Flynn in Northampton
Gerry Connelly · First Published 1995

The Life & Crimes
of Errol Flynn

Lionel Godfrey · First Published 1977

Errol Flynn:
The Tasmanian Story

Don Norman · First Published 1981

Errol Flynn:
The Untold Story

Charles Higham · First Published 1980

Errol Flynn: The Spy
Who Never Was

Tony Thomas · First Published 1990

The Flynn Controversy
William Donati · First Published 1988

This essay is contained in MY DAYS WITH ERROL FLYNN; look in the Friends & Family area of the library when it's up and running.

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· Bios by People Who Read Bios ·

The Two Lives
of Errol Flynn

Michael Freedland · First Published 1978

Errol Flynn:
Satan's Angel

David Bret · First Published 2000

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