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Welcome to the Errol Flynn Homepage!

There's a LOT of material left to prepare - with a troublemaker like Flynn, you can't do things half-arsed - therefore I want to be sure this homepage is formatted with utmost efficiency in an attempt to cover all aspects of this actor's exceptional life.

Speaking of half-arsed, there's a new book out in the UK. You might want to hit either the Feedback page for more about it, or go right to the review in the Library.

Look on the Flynn Watch page for the latest in movie broadcasts and screenings, as well as any published articles. The Feedback page has the latest info on upcoming events and the progress of this site.

IMPORTANT: Please read this first before sending ANY e-mail.

I've put together a Quickstats Page with answers to those questions I am asked most often, so make that your first stop. It ought to whet your appetite for the upcoming bio area.

Errol Flynn in a colour shot as George Custer from THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON
Errol Flynn in a rare colour shot as George Custer
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