Late breaking news: There's some online contest asking for the name of Errol Flynn's so-called yacht, which has resulted in a DELUGE of mail. Regrettably, any further E-mails regarding this contest or its question will be deleted. Thank you for your humane consideration and understanding.

Certain types of mail are on the rise, and it's
starting to interfere with production, so:

Please read very carefully...

  1. Please don't just e-mail me with questions about books or movies without checking the homepage. I work very hard on this site. It's massive and still being prepared after almost two years. But it's clearly marked to show you the way.

    I'm getting questions about movies and books which already have entries. Not only does it waste my time and prevent any further production on the site, but it's an insult for someone not to bother to check that the answer to their question has already - PAINSTAKINGLY - been supplied.

  2. Please don't ask me where you can get a CD or video or book or one of Flynn's bones. I'm not a dealer, nor am I into hardcore collecting. I am only making a tribute homepage.

    Assume that if the info isn't posted with that movie or book in question, then either I don't know, or have received no confirmation from a probable source. And I check all sources first.

  3. Areas are not finished, and it would be greatly appreciated if NO submissions OR suggestions are made to the bio or Library areas UNTIL I HAVE ANNOUNCED ON THE FEEDBACK PAGE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.

    I have a LOT of info, and I DON'T have time for redundancies. It is NOT appreciated since - whether it comes from my notes OR from an eager beaver's e-mail - I'm still the one stuck with the job of prepping the page on which this info is to appear.

    When it's ready, you'll know, THEN you'll get your chance to help fill in the blanks with due credit. Exercising restraint and consideration will win my thanks over someone rattling off their fan smarts out of turn.

    Remember, we ALL want this site to reach completion.

  4. No, you cannot have his kids' addresses and no, you cannot have my books or stills. (You'd be surprised what I get in the mail sometimes)

  5. I began this homepage because SOMEBODY had to do it. Like most of you, I started on the Internet and found NOTHING on this rare personality. Now there's something you can go to. It's STILL the only Errol Flynn site (pages within general sites don't count as far as I'm concerned). I only ask that you not hinder me with showoff or gimmie-gimmie mail. It's greedy and counter productive.
I'm not making anything off this site. Anything I DO get out of it reimburses me for expenses like booking Mac time for scanning and the like.

SINCEREST THANKS to all of you who have emailed me your appreciation for this site. I make the Errol Flynn Homepage for YOU. Keep that support coming! It's fuel for the fire!



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