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Errol Flynn in Northampton

This book pretty much picks up where YOUNG ERROL FLYNN leaves off, and sets straight the when, where, and how of Flynn's stay in England, particularly in Northampton.

Author Gerry Connelly suggests that Flynn had toured Europe prior to joining the Northampton Repertory Players in January 1934, during which time he may have first met French actress Lili Damita (who was to become his first wife).

There is a fascinating revelation upon reading this book that Flynn's lifestyle as recounted in ERROL FLYNN: A MEMOIR had already become established by Northampton. This of course inspires one to ask the question: "How did he EVER end up married???"

First edition: Publisher (1994):
Domra Publications
ISBN: 0-9524417-0-5
96 pages with photos

New Edition Now Available!
More pages! More photos! Original Illustrations!

Connelly has uncovered more information about young Flynn's pre-Hollywood antics in Europe and England, and enhanced this title with an additional 44 pages of text, photographs, repros from theatre programmes, and humourous illustrations.

Why pay high collectors prices when you can obtain this book directly from the publisher?

As well as his time in Northampton, this 2nd edition covers all of Errol's movements in Britain and Europe in 1933 and 1934, including a stint at the Malvern Festival (the last word on whether he'd ever played London's West End). The author has also found film and stage appearances revealed in no other publication, including a performance in Scotland.

Connelly names his sources, and no sincere Flynn fan should be without a copy of this meticulously prepared and informative book. Its revelations are priceless. At these costs, they are a steal:

  • £9.95 in Great Britain
  • £15 outside Great Britain
  • $25.00 USA (each additional copy in order is US$16.00)
Costs include postage. Cheque or money order should be sent to:
Domra Publications
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Corby, Northamptonshire
NN18 0RT
United Kingdom
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