Flynn - taking a break from shooting THE PRINCE & THE PAUPER - checks a review copy of his first novel, BEAM ENDS (30kb)

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Young Errol Flynn
Before Hollywood

In which we learn when, where, and how Errol Flynn grew up during his days in Australasia.

Frankly, I was under the impression that Flynn had left Tasmania with his parents to stay in Europe for a year or so, then returned Down Under to stay in Sydney, and so on. This book reveals that he had lived on and off in Hobart into his teens, was rather inept in boating around then, and excelled in Aussie Rules Football in high school.

While Flynn had written in MY WICKED WICKED WAYS of having slept on park benches, he was in fact staying with relatives in Sydney. Many of his jungle experiences were most likely stories overheard in New Guinea waterholes. Moore thoroughly traced Flynn's haunts - from Tasmania up through New Guinea - and it seems that the young adventurer left behind some rather unforgettable memories.

Availability: Rare as hens' teeth.
Good luck if you can find this one, particularly outside Australia. There are a few token copies in various Aussie Uni library systems, and it's rumoured that even Moore himself no longer has copies of his own. A pity so many of the informative titles are so sparingly distributed.

Angus & Robertson, (1975)
Hardbound ISBN: 0-207-13137-6
Paperback ISBN: 0-207-13158-9
154 pages hardbound & photos

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