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The cast of Four's A Crowd - 41kb
L to R: Patrick Knowles, Olivia de Havilland, Rosalind Russell, & Errol Flynn.

Four's a Crowd

This was the first production after ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, and featured many of its cast: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Patrick Knowles, & Melville Cooper. But the comparison ends there; this movie is a modern-day farce.

The two co-plots are bound essentially by one character, reporter Jean Christy played by Rosalind Russell (Frank Capra must've been watching). She doesn't want the newspaper she works for thrown away on the whim of its young heir Pat Buckley (played by Patrick Knowles) on account of a falling out with its editor-in-chief Robert Kensington Lansford (played by Flynn), who always interfere's with Buckley's romances. The co-plot is that Lansford's incentive to acquire tycoon John P. Dillingwell (Walter Connolly) as a client for his PR firm starts looking up when it's learned that Dillingwell's daughter Lorri is Buckley's fiance. Lansford starts to pitch woo while Christy - who's getting to like Lansford - plays double-agent for Buckley. Are we confused yet?

Well, our friends sure are; they don't know who should end up with whom until the last moment!

This is a fun, silly movie. Flynn plays a charming weasel, perhaps closest to what he truly was than most characters he portrayed. We get to see him run from dogs a lot. And it's always amusing to catch his wedding ring plainly visible while he's chasing two women.

Why this movie has not been released to home video while lesser Flynn comedies have, I'll never know. But folks in the USA can catch this minor gem on TCM if their cable system carries it.

Lorri Dillingwell (de Havilland) and Robert Lansford (Flynn) - 68kb
Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland
at their bestest.

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