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Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes
as told to Cy Rice

This title has been hard to place, since it fits more than one category in this Library. It isn't exactly written by Nora, which places it on the cusp of believability (hence, it is marked by both icons); it runs the likelyhood of having been embellished in favour of sales. Also, for someone claiming naiveté, Ms. Eddington Flynn Haymes has uncanny recollection of what was said at the time (and it was common for Flynn's vocabulary to be over just about ANYONE'S head; he was exceptionally articulate).

The most suspicious element is the date of release. This came out barely a year after Flynn's death, making it quite ellegible for the Quick Bux Tell-alls area.

Still, one has to give it the benefit of the doubt. There are many events related and symptoms documented which people back then were simply not informed of with regard to substance abuse. By "back then", I refer both to the 1940s AND early 1960s. This is a pretty serioso kiss'n'tell tale - mighty graphic in some places and not for either the squeamish nor idolising idealist. If in fact any of it is true, then it serves to confirm many aspects of Flynn's behaviour and mindset (or lack thereof under unfortunate circumstances), and opens up many more considerations.

One may well conclude that had the public been better informed about substance abuse - and had he known he could potentially injure those he loved in addition to himself - Flynn would have taken some other route to self-destruction.

It's also possible he would have remained married to Nora. She tolerated his infidelity to some degree. When Flynn wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they got on very well, and they were good friends till the end. She was perhaps the kindest of the three wives, not even demanding a piece of him when they parted ways. She probably knew him better than anyone.

In the end, it is really up to the reader to judge the validity of some or all of this book according to the extent of one's research.

Availability: Rare as hens' teeth. Check book searches.

The New American Library of World Literature, Inc.
Imprint: Signet Books (1960)
Paperback 176 pages
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